Sunday, 23 August 2015

Phase Two | Week 5 | Unreal Engine 4

The following points are in regards to things learnt in the next set of Unreal Engine 4 tutorials. (24-32)

| 1 | Blueprints enable you to develop an automatic lighting system triggered by walking into a designated space determined by the placement of the "Trigger Volume" actor. 

| 2 | Components make up a "Class Blueprint". Place actors into the components through the components folder. For example, a light is made up of a static mesh and the spotlight (2 separate light sources, extra light is for bounce light). All included in a single blueprint.

| 3 | Maya Style controls can be used to easily navigate around. 
F = Frame up on object
Alt + left mouse drag = tumble around object
Middle mouse drag = tracking object
Right mouse drag = zoom in and out

Right mouse = turns camera
Left and right mouse together = drives camera around 
Middle mouse = tracks view

| 4 | Right clicking on a blue print brings up a drop down menu. If you have already inserted a component, right clicking enables you to view ONLY the items that are relevant to the selected component.

| 5 | An "area of effect" enables the player to actively turn off a light source whilst playing the game. Similar to the trigger volume, except we use a box component. Shapes -> box. 

| 6 | You can change between functions in blueprints: Defaults, components, graphs etc...

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