Friday, 14 August 2015

Phase One | Week 3 | Particle Exploration

Data to be represented | Homeless Shelters Provided by Woolloomooloo

Aim | 

The data aims to represent the housing provided for homeless people within the area of Woolloomooloo. The chosen particle system to represent this information is the GPU sprite emitter. The density and the direction of the particles indicate popularity and location for each particular shelter location.

Research |
To gather such data, this involved intensive research of the area. To delve into the issue of homelessness in Woolloomooloo, it was essential to understand the causes. This information was gathered through independent research. Data for this topic was found by viewing online sources such as; articles and reviews which allowed myself to discover the most popular destination(s) for the homeless in this area. 

Data | 
The visual data presented above indicates a more dense situation towards the west side of the site compared to fewer available locations towards the east. 

How its visualised |
Movement and density of particles towards these particular areas indicate this data. Popularity of site is also conveyed in these visualisations.

References |

Video - Note: The edited single video would not upload to YouTube therefore the separate videos are attached. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Link to video(s) found here.

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