Monday, 27 July 2015

Phase One | Week 1 | Points of Comparison Regarding Unreal Engine 4

| 1 | The viewport layout / system is of similar nature to Rhino as it allows the user to view their work from different perspectives at the same time, whilst also given the ability to customise the viewport layout as needed.

| 2 | The ability to pan the environment easily with multiple options is similar to the controls of Lumion, however, UE4 is much more advanced as there are speed options that allow the user to customise their viewing experience. Also, its ability to be in “play” mode where controls can also be customised differs from the simplicity involved with navigation in Lumion.

| 3 | There is more detail in the textures that are able to be applied in UE4 when compared to Rhino and Lumion. Whilst there is also more customisation options in UE4 through the use of scripting within the program, whilst Rhino and Lumion are much more basic in regards to colour / shade changing, transparency etc.

| 4 | The use of scripting to customise individual items / textures in blueprint is the same concept used on Grasshopper. For example, looping and arrays are possible in UE4.

| 5 | Scaling and rotational methods are quite similar in Rhino, Lumion and UE4.

| 6 | Simple animation montages (people walking) can be made in Lumion, however in UE4, actions of each individual within the group is highly controlled in the animation blueprint.

| 7 | Particles can be used to create an environment that appears more real. For example, emitting dust under feet when running. Lumion is unable to do this.

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